Getting in Touch with Your Hidden Creativity

What do you want most for yourself?

If it’s to develop an outer life that is truly congruent with your inner sense of what’s right for you, it’s never too early–or late–to start this process.

I believe strongly that this process should be fun!

Here’s a way to start:

1. First of all, buy yourself a beautiful notebook/journal (The Daily Planner offers many beautiful notebooks) and a writing implement that fits comfortably in your hand. I’ve discovered that it doesn’t have to be an expensive pen; in fact I prefer a mechanical pencil because I like to be able to erase as I go and I don’t need a pencil sharpener.

2. Second, paste a photo of your face as it is now inside the front cover of the journal.
Spend several minutes admiring your eyes particularly. Notice the intelligence and humor and, yes, even wisdom in them. You wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t intelligent. And you haven’t come this far in life without having developed a sense of humor and some wisdom. Acknowledge and appreciate these qualities in your Self.

3. Then, on the journal’s first page write down all the good experiences you wish for this Self now and in the future.
Don’t stint on the wishes and describe them in detail. You can have more than three. In fact, if you can’t think of many right now, leave space–a page or two–to fill in as time passes. You’ll get better at this with practice. Wishing well for yourself is not such a common or easy thing.

P.S. Make at least half the wishes non-material items. You can have your yacht, but also include many, many things for your spirit.

4. Star, circle, or otherwise highlight the wish you would like to focus on first. Use a color that you love to reflect the excitement you feel about this wish.

5. Open yourself to wondering how this wish will be fulfilled. You don’t need to know; you just need to stay curious as to how it will happen.

I’m not recommending voodoo, or even white magic, with the steps I’m suggesting here. I”m just offering a powerful–and perhaps new–way for you to relate to your own wishes and unconscious Self.

Throughout our lives, many of us are so outward-facing that we don’t truly see ourselves, let alone appreciate what we see. We are experts in criticizing the way we look and focusing on our flaws and deficits. Many people, men and women, hate to look at photos of themselves. We also don’t tend to concentrate on getting our needs met, with so many other people depending on us. Many of us are trained to be black belts in self-denial.

But that leaves us incomplete as human beings, because we don’t give ourselves the time to think about how we want to be and what we want for our inner Self.

It’s as if we assume that at some future point we will suddenly become more self-accepting and free to be ourselves without ever having allowed ourselves to consider those options. That’s much more like magical thinking than anything I’m suggesting.

You can try this…but will you do it?

For many of us, it means changing an ingrained set of habits and a fixed mindset.

Here’s my proposal: try the 5 steps I’ve listed and notice what happens inside and out side of you.

As you use your imagination to contemplate a possible change in your way of being–some would say your place in the universe–you are opening to new possibilities. Be interested in what that feels like.

As you use your journal to write about it, you are bringing a whole extra dimension to the process, connecting mind to body. Write about all your feelings and your whole experience.

As you refrain from censoring or censuring your Self, you are creating space to find out what your inner voice is saying when you are willing to listen to it. Record what you hear so you can use this information in a whole variety of new ways I’ll talk about in future posts.

Have fun with this!

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