Getting in Touch with Your Hidden Creativity

What do you want most for yourself?

If it’s to develop an outer life that is truly congruent with your inner sense of what’s right for you, it’s never too early–or late–to start this process.

I believe strongly that this process should be fun!

Here’s a way to start: Continue reading

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Using Guided Imagery to Reduce Anxiety

I was talking to a friend the other day and was reminded of the importance of learning a number of different ways to harness normal anxiety.

She was recalling a major operation she underwent a few years ago. To prepare for it, she explored Eastern and Western methods for decreasing anxiety. She was surprised to find how much they helped her through that difficult time. She still uses techniques she learned then, when other stresses come up in her life now, ranging from work pressures to family conflicts.

You don’t have to be faced with an operation or serious illness to experience debilitating anxiety. Many stresses in our lives–good as well as bad stresses, I should point out–arouse the feeling. Continue reading

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Coaching Central

If you could do anything you wanted, do you know what you would choose?

Many people don’t. They know they want some kind of change in their lives. They’re tired of the same-old same-old. But when I ask them what they want, they often can’t tell me. As someone said recently, ruefully, “However, I can tell you what I don’t want to do.” Continue reading

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A New Frontier in Aging: The Ageless Mind Project


You’re reading this on the internet – on a computer or tablet or smartphone – so you know how to use current technology.

You’ve taken the trouble to find this site, so you’re curious and willing to take on challenges.

What are you looking for?

Perhaps you’re proactively seeking ways to keep your brain healthy at every stage of life.

Perhaps you’re concerned about developing some form of dementia and want to learn what you can do to reduce the likelihood of that happening.

Perhaps you’re taking care of someone with Alzheimer’s Disease or other chronic illnesses associated with aging.

Perhaps you’re searching for information and support…a way to feel peaceful rather than anxious about getting older.

Perhaps you are a program director or educator or counselor or medical person, a professional who serves older adults and wants to offer them something more.

Look through the door we are opening for you here. Beyond lies a new frontier full of possibilities that will change your view of aging.


About 20 years ago we became caregivers for the first of several close family members who lost the ability to live independently for various reasons. One lived in our home for the last years of her life. Others lived in senior residences and nursing homes. We learned at first hand what those situations are like for families.

So we began studying and applying research on brain health and overall well being to our own daily lives. First, we wanted to protect our own minds, bodies and spirits from deteriorating badly, if we could. Then, we wanted to share what we were learning with as many others as possible.

This is the genesis of our Ageless Mind Project, a nonprofit organization with a vision and mission: to help older adults maintain good self care habits, have lives filled with meaning, enjoy many opportunities for creative expression and positive relationships, and always continue to learn and grow.

This is what we mean by “ageless,” in the best sense of the word.

This is the new face of aging.

Our goal is to bring you news of innovative approaches to aging around the world – ideas that you can use in your own life.

Much of the world’s population is getting older. Let’s all make getting older better. Join with us to make that happen.


Bookmark this page. To join us in our virtual environment as well, click on The Virtual Ageless Mind Project at the top of this page.

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